Check Out These Spring Birmingham Food Festivals

Spring has sprung! Time to enjoy some sweet spring food festivals in Birmingham!


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Event: Corks & Chefs

Time & Place: 1p.m. until 4p.m. on April 26th & 27th, 2014. Linn Park, Birmingham.

What You Can Expect: Wine and food tastings with about 100 different wines and dishes featured by chefs from many Birmingham restaurants. In addition, there will be music by the Blue Ribbon Healers and Stuart McNair. Plus, the Magic City Art Connection art show will be on display throughout Linn Park.

Cost of Event: $30 in advance and $35 at the door

For more information visit:


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Event: Barber Food Truck Rally

Time & Place: Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, 6030 Barber Motorsports Parkway, Birmingham on May 10th at 11 a.m. until 3p.m.

What you can expect: Tasty food from several area food trucks like Greg’s Hot Dogs, Repicci’s Italian Ice, Cantina on Wheels, Nola Ice, Off the Hook and many others.

Cost: Free admission to museum with the purchase of a ticket.

Ticket Cost: $25.00 upon entry, this also include five $3.00 food tickets.

For more information please visit this website.





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Urbana Restaurant Will Be Hosting A Share Your Love Dinner February 4th.

Urbana Restaurant has been a long time supporter of the Taste of the Nation in Washington DC and on February 4th, 2014 the restaurant will be hosting a Share Your Love dinner that will benefit the Taste of the Nation. Urbana Restaurant is located at 2121 P Street NW, in Washington, District of Columbia.

 urbana rest.

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You can come and enjoy delicious foods that will be created by four chefs from the Kingston restaurants in the DC area. These chefs will feature an intimate four course dinner that highlights premium local seasonal ingredients and produce. Although these chefs may have diverse ways of cooking, all of them are committed to using seasonal ingredients from local farms and purveyors. Plus, each chef has an intense desire to help the Taste of Nation organization. Learn more about the chefs who will be making your delectable dinner here.


The event will begin with a cocktail hour, during which time you can enjoy a special creation from Obi Emenyonu, the head bartender of Urbana restaurant. During each coarse, you will also be able to enjoy a perfectly paired wine chosen by BRABO, Robert Wiedmaier Sommelier Matthew Carroll.


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An Unforgettable Stone Crab Claw Recipe, Great For A Holiday Feast

Many of us are already starting to plan for our Christmas and New Year dinners, at least I am. This year I want to add some new items to my holiday menu so I have been trying out some new recipes to see what my family thinks about them. The whole family agrees that the below recipe is a treat that everyone will love and remember for years to come.


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Unforgettable Stone Crab Roll


½ cup tomato juice

2 beaten eggs

2 cups stone crab claw meat

1 cup bread crumbs

2 Tablespoons of parsley, fresh is best

2 Tablespoons of lemon juice, fresh is best

½ teaspoon of salt

½ teaspoons Worcestershire sauce

18 slices of bacon, you need to cut each one in half



Mix together tomato juice and beaten eggs, add bread crumbs, stone crab claw meat, parsley, seasoning and lemon juice. Combine well, roll the mixture into 2 inch logs. Wrap each log with one piece of the bacon that you cut, fasten together with a toothpick. Place each wrap on a grill, cook for about 10 minutes, remember to turn these often to prevent burning. Now, serve.

My family and I love these sweet delicious treats, come on we all know nothing is better than stone crab claw meat and bacon. Yummy!

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The Best Place To Buy Fresh Stone Crab Claws Online.

There are several places online to buy stone crab claws, but I think the best place to buy fresh delicious Stone Crab Claws is at


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Uberstonecrabs offer the finest and freshest stone crab claws. They work directly with fisheries and fishermen who are on the docks harvesting these delectable treats. They offer colossal, jumbo, large and medium sized stone crab claws at a per pound price. The prices at Uberstonecrabs are very affordable so even if you’re on a tight budget you can afford to feast on these scrumptious delicacies. Plus, Uberstonecrabs will ship your claws directly to your door within 24 hours from when you place your order.


Uberstonecrabs is a very popular and reputable supplier of stone crab claws so you can feel confident that you will be getting premium stone crab claws. The one thing you do have to worry about is preparing a tasty dipping sauce for your stone crab claw. I like to use a simple butter sauce or an easy mustard sauce. My favorite dipping sauce is listed below.


Easy Mustard Sauce for Stone Crab Claws


2 Cups of Mayonnaise

6 Tablespoons of Dijon Mustard

2 Tablespoons of lemon or lime juice

2 Tablespoons of Horseradish, I use ground horseradish

2 Tablespoons of Sour Cream

Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper, I sometimes use sea salt and white pepper


Combine ingredients in small mixing bowl, put sauce in refrigerator for at least half an hour, stir and serve. This sauce will last in your fridge for several days.





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Step By Step Directions For Reheating Stone Crab Claws

Stone crabs are native to the waters of the Florida coast, they are somewhat different from other crabs because they are known to lose their claws several times during their lifetime. The meat that is in stone crab claws is succulent and delicious, which is why many people love to cook up these delicacies. If you have never tried stone crab claws, then you should really order some from Uberstonecrab, they offer fresh premium stone crab claws. Once you get your claws, you can cook them in a variety of ways like boiling or steaming them. However, if you happen to make to many claws, don’t worry here is a great guide for reheating stone crab claws.

Stone crab claws

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Step One:

Put water in a large pot, make sure to salt your water. Heat the water until it reaches a gentle boil.

Step Two:

When your water reaches a gentle boil, take it off heat, then put stone crab claws into your very hot water, cover pan, leave claws in the water for about two minutes.

Step Three:

Take claws out of the water, if for some reason your claws are not as hot as you like them to be, simply start over with step one, but this time leave your claws in the hot water for a longer period.

One Helpful Tip:

Along with ordering your stone crab claws from Uberstonecrab, visit Woeber’s to purchase some great tasting sauces that go fantastic with stone crab claws.




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Check Out These Two Funny Looking Things That Are Really Fruit

It is weird how some food actually looks and appears on a table, some food items certainly don’t look edible. For instance, the fruits listed below sure do look very strange and they are very edible.

Budda’s Hand

 Doesn't this look very funny?

Doesn’t this look very funny?

This fruit looks like a group of fingers, which is probably why they are called Budda Hands. A Buddha Hand has a refreshing lemon flavor, of course, this type of fruit doesn’t have pulp like a lemon. In addition, a Buddha Hand is packed with vitamin C and can be obtained from many grocery stores, including Wholefoods. Many people use Budda Hands for making their fish, seafood, cocktail and baking items a little more tangy.



Beautiful and funny, isn't it?

Beautiful and funny, isn’t it?


You might have seen this particular fruit in your local grocery store, many stores carry them under the common name “Star fruit.” Matter of fact, when a person slices one of these fruits, the slices appear to be a star. A Carambola is filled with potassium, vitamin C, fiber, vitamin B and flavonoids. Mira Ilic, a registered nurse at the Cleveland Clinic, said “It adds tart flavor to certain poultry, meat and seafood dishes and acts as a garnish for salads, drinks and desserts.” Remember you can pick up your Carambola at your local grocery store.

There are a bunch of funny looking fruits out on the market, I just thought these two were exceptionally funny.


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A Recipe That Goes Perfectly With Uproot Wines


Are you looking for a recipe to pair with your uproot wine, Sauvignon Blanc? If so, here is a recipe that pairs perfectly with a refreshing glass of uproot Sauvignon Blanc. Hope you enjoy it.

Stay fit and try this Dover Sole with Herb Oil Recipe.

Stay fit and try this Dover Sole with Herb Oil Recipe.

Ingredients you will need:

2 Skinned Filets, Use Dover Soles or You can also use a different flatfish if you want too.

10 Basil Leaves

2 Sprigs of Savory and Thyme

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

6 Small Carrots, Multi-Colored

4 Zucchinis, medium sized, sliced in ¼” circular rounds

2 garlic cloves, crushed and peeled

Fresh Ground White Pepper

Kosher Salt

Directions for this recipe are:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F., put salt and pepper on both sides of your fish, use a pestle mortar and grind the herbs by bruising them and creating a coarse paste. Now, add a little salt and pepper to the paste, add about 4 Tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil to the paste, mix well and set aside.

Heat up olive oil in a pan, a non-stick pan is best, just make sure whatever pan you use is big enough to hold the fish comfortably and easily. When the oil gets hot, but not smoking hot add the fish. Brown the fish on both sides, then put it on an oven proof tray. Remember the fish doesn’t have to be cooked through just browned on both sides. Put the fish in your preheated oven.

Clean out the skillet that you cooked the fish in, Add a little olive oil in the skillet, add the crushed garlic cloves, add the zucchini and sear both ingredients. Season them with salt and pepper and turn over and do the same to the other side.

Now, take the fish out of the oven, plate the fish and zucchini. Use a mandolin or thinly slicing the carrots and use them as a garnish on the plate. Eat and Enjoy.

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A Healthy Red Bean Recipe That You Are Sure To Love

Are you trying to eat healthier? If so, here is a healthy red bean recipe that you are sure to enjoy. In addition, even you aren’t health conscious, you should still give this recipe a try, it truly is tasty.

A great healthy Red Bean Salad.

A great healthy Red Bean Salad.

Red Bean, Herb And Walnut Salad

Ingredients You will Need:

4 cups of cooked red beans or kidney beans, if you’re using canned beans make sure to rinse them thoroughly.

½ cup finely diced celery

½ cup chopped cilantro

½ cup flat leaf parsley

4 Tablespoons chopped fresh tarragon

½ cup chopped chives

Freshly ground pepper and salt

1 small red onion, cut it in half lengthwise, then cut in thin slices across the grain Onion is optional.

2/3 cups (about 3 cups) walnuts

2 large garlic cloves, halved, peeled and green shoot removed

½ teaspoons of red pepper flakes, you can also use 1 to 1 ½ teaspoons of Aleppo pepper

2 Tablespoons of pomegranate molasses

2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice

2 Tablespoons of walnut oil

2 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive oil

Directions That You Need To Follow To Make This Recipe:

Put the beans in a bowl and toss with celery and herbs. Season with salt and pepper. If you are using the onion, soak it in cold water for five minutes, drain, rinse and drain again on a paper towel. Now, add the onion to the beans and herbs.

In a mortar and pestle, mash the garlic using a significant amount of salt and ref pepper flakes. Add the walnuts, grind garlic and walnuts together until they are coarsely ground, but still have texture. Toss with the bean mixture.

Whisk together the pomegranate molasses and lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. Whisk in the oils, toss this mixture into the beans, then let everything marinate and rest for thirty minutes. Serve and eat.


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Here Is A Last Minute Dinner Idea

 Do you need a last minute dinner idea? Well, here is a great last minute dinner idea. Make fried rice and add any ingredients that you have on hand to it. Fried Rice is crunchy, tasty and versatile. Best of all, you can add almost any kind of vegetable or meat to the rice, even leftovers out of your refrigerator.

Brown rice can be turned into a perfect quick meal.

Brown rice can be turned into a perfect quick meal.

Some people have trouble cooking rice, but if you use this little tip your rice should turn out great every time you cook it. Simply, cook your rice as you would cook pasta in a big pot of salted water. This way you don’t have to worry about the water and rice ratio that sometimes confuses all of us. In addition, If you are cooking brown rice it should take about 45 minutes to cook it. However, if you are in a worry than use instant brown rice, which will cut your time significantly. If you use instant brown rice, just follow the instructions on the box it comes in.

Once the rice is cooked, check your pantry, refrigerator and freezer, then pull out your favorite vegetable and protein. Of course, if the vegetable and protein that you get out is raw you will have to quickly cook it up before adding it to your rice. However, if you are using leftovers just heat them up or gently toss them in the rice and heat the entire dish up before serving. You can even make the rice ahead of time and add your additional ingredients, then simply heat it all up and serve. As you can see, you can easily turn brown rice into a delightful dinner on those days when you need a quick meal.

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Take Advantage Of The Things This Food Blog Has To Offer

I just ran across a food blog that I feel is dynamite. This website has all the qualities and features that are required to make a fantastic food blog. It is filled with a ton of important food material, which I know will be beneficial to me in the months to come.

This food blog is called David Lebovitz. As you probably have guessed this site is run by a nice gentleman who is focused on providing all of us with amazing food related information. He first started this blog as a place to share recipes and stories, but as it grew he turned it into an official food blog. A great one if you ask me.

The David Lebovitz food blog is filled with a bunch of different types of food related information such as: a recipe section, a spot that showcases the books that he has written for all of us, some great links and a tours page. In addition, he has a special place for what he calls “My Paris”, which I simply love to pieces because it has some pretty cool facts and news about Paris restaurants. Of course, it has other stuff on it, but I love the way he talks about the restaurants and recommends some fascinating ones for people who live or visit Paris.

Overall, this really is a fantastic food blog. I certainly give it high marks and believe that you should take a look at it so you can take advantage of all the great things it has to offer all of us food lovers. Please Enjoy and Have a great time!

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